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Writing Roads: Interview with Julie Roads

Posted in Interviews by radiofreebard on December 6, 2008

Julie Roads has one of the most readable and endearing writing voices of  today’s generation of bloggers. Her smooth and captivating voice draws the reader closer and gives the impression of warmth and maternal grace. Insight into her writing career bears fresh fruit for aspiring writers.

Would you call yourself a writer? If not, what would you call yourself and why?
Yes, I call myself a writer. It’s been my passion, practice, talent, outlet for as long as I can remember…
Why did you start writing in the first place?
Because I loved to read…I wanted to create things for people to read. I was enthralled by filling pages with words. I remember specifically emulating Harriet the Spy (books, not movie) when I was 7 – carrying around a notebook and documenting everything that I saw.
How did you develop your writing ‘voice’? Was it deliberate or did it evolve?
It evolved…I really found it when I found someone to write to. Up until that point, it often felt forced. Now, I have someone that I write to (I imagine talking to them when I write and my relationship with them is uncomplicated, no judgement, no negativity) and the result is authenticity and positivity. But, I think my voice will keep evolving – that’s what this is all about, no?
What’s one example of how you deal with writer’s block?
I immediately go on to a new project. If I ever try to force something, I get lost in a twisted, nasty maze of defeat and then I’m no good whatsoever. So I leave that project and do something where I know I can succeed finish, complete the task – that usually shifts my energy so that I can go back to the original project…sometimes, you just have to let it go until you’re ready.
What’s the difference between someone that can be a professional writer and someone that can’t or shouldn’t?
TOUGH question!!! How do I say this delicately. Find out if you can write – let some kind, but objective, people read some of your work and let them tell you.

The difference? A professional writer can make dog crap interesting. They have a rhythm, they understand sentence structures, they aren’t trying too hard. There is a beginning, a middle, an end to their work. You forget you’re reading when you read their writing…

Julie is:   freelance writer; marketing writer; problogger; blogging, social media, freelance writing consultant; twitter address:


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