Radio Free Bard

Staying in practise: a writer’s list.

This page was born out of my post titled ‘Be a better writer in one easy step‘.

Several specific tools I’d suggest for keeping in practise include:

  • Keeping a daily diary or blog,
  • NaNoWriMo,
  • Writing a letter at least once a day or writing two or three lengthy emails a day,
  • Finding a household item and writing an advertisement for it,
  • Disregarding context and writing out whatever lines of dialogue pop into your head,
  • Watching a movie and writing a review for it,
  • Brainstorming a page worth of novel, story or movie titles,
  • Trying to write your inner monologue,
  • Having someone sit in front of you and painting a portrait of them using only words,
  • Decorating your body with words using a felt tip marker,
  • Forcing yourself to use Write or Die for at least 20 minutes a day,
  • Editing other people’s emails for clarity, style and accruacy, (Tempyra)
  • Writing press releases for new events or something you’re doing, (Tempyra)
  • Joining an online role-play forum. (Assentia)

Any activities taken from the comments below will be attributed to the commenter. I do not promise to take every suggestion. I’m sorry but my discretion is vital to me.


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